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Your digital, marketing & visual communications partner.

We work across multiple sectors with small to medium sized companies, through to large corporates and have done for decades.

Andrea Nilsson and Jan Glenn from Flair

The breadth and depth within our small team means you benefit from each and every one of our capabilities - no matter what the size and type of your project is.




We're no newbies to the digital world! We've been building websites since before websites were a thing (thankfully no more floppy discs and CD-ROMs) . We love that content marketing is now a key focus of digital. This means our marketing and creative backgrounds combined with our technical knowledge and Google Product skills are the ideal formula.

Website Design & Build

Content Strategy & Writing

Search Engine Optimisation

Online Marketing



Pure marketing is where it began for us. And then there was digital. We're the lucky ones because we now get to do both and believe that with a solid marketing foundation along with digital expertise, our clients get the best of both worlds. We're talking years of global experience across multiple industries.

Marketing & Creative Strategy

Brand Development & Positioning

Content Creation

Traditional Marketing

Visual Communications


Decades of working in the advertising and movie industries in Los Angeles and the UK is where our passion for photography, video and advertising was born. And now, applying those skills and passions to companies here in NZ means we get to do what we love while living in paradise. 





Business Strategy


Although we love the creative areas of our work - we're also a bit nerdy at heart and thrive on working with our clients on business strategy. Whether it be growth strategies, operations, financials, marketing or HR - the more we know about and can help our clients in these areas, the more success we have in their digital, marketing and visual communications. We see strategy being a part of everything we do.



We get to know you and your business

From either a meeting or a team workshop, we learn about what you’re wanting to achieve. For you, it probably feels like just sharing your story, but for us, this first step is critical to everything we do from here on out.


We immerse ourselves into strategy mode

Brainstorming, this is where our capabilities come into play to ensure your project is successful. We’re right at home in this mode – we always start with strategy and a clear plan and it’s never let us down.


We get stuck in and do the doing

While you're focusing on your day to day, we're busy working away in the background on the delivery of what was agreed.  We become like part of the family and get to know you inside and out!


We're here for you on tap, as and when you need us

Your project is complete, but our relationship doesn’t end there. We’re flexible with the way we work with you. If you want the ongoing consistency and capabilities of working with us each month, or you want the comfort of knowing we’re waiting in the wings for your adhoc marketing needs, that’s totally fine with us.

The Flair Team
Flair - We're a small team, filling big boots.

We're a small team, filling big boots.

When you work with us, you get the experience and knowledge of what would normally require a larger team. It's that simple. We like to call it good value for money.



Meet the crew

Jan Glenn

Jan Glenn


Andrea Nilsson

Andrea Nilsson


Kjell Nilsson

Kjell Nilsson

Drone Operator


'You just get us' is what we often hear from clients.

And we do. It generally takes a meeting or a team workshop and we're away. We've grasped your business, objectives, culture and then we're off to do our thing.

If you think we sound like the right fit for your company, we would love to catch up, get to know you, and show you our work.